Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shocking ... NOT. Glenn Beck Admits To Never Checking Facts

Glenn Beck Admits To Never Checking Facts

So, in reading all of your comments to my ongoing series exposing Glenn Beck for the idiot that he is, many of you have complained that I have failed to take him on line by line on his facts. Well, here’s why. I don’t need to. Glenn Beck doesn’t bother checking his facts, and seems to take great pride in not wanting to be labeled a “journalist.”

Glenn Beck is not about facts, never has been. If he had to stick to the facts, he would have dramatically fewer followers. The reason so many people take his word as gospel is that he plays to the lowest common denominator. People in America are rightly quite angry about the state of the economy, the war, the state of healthcare, and the list could go on for pages. Beck gives them a channel for their anger by telling them the sky is falling and that the President is responsible for all their problems.

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