Monday, September 28, 2009

Horowitz Replies to David Frum concerning Glenn Beck

Horowitz Replies to Frum

One of the comments to this article sums up the backlash against Beck nicely:

Horo: “One is a remarkable conservative outburst against the broadcaster Glenn Beck…”

No. What Horowitz doesn’t get is that this isn’t a conservative outburst against Glenn Beck. It’s a *decent citizens* outburst against Glenn Beck.

There is a point where someone’s behavior is so toxic, it’s bad for America, regardless of which party it hurts. There’s a point where good citizens are supposed to stop caring about what the effect of poisonious thinking might be on the polls and start caring about what the poison is doing to the nation.

And the problem with today’s GOP (and of course, with countless Democrats, too) is that too many forgot where that point is, drove right past it, and then forgot that the idea of ‘nation before politics’ ever even existed. And now Beck is trying to destroy any last shred of that memory.

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