Monday, September 28, 2009

Glenn Beck on White Culture

Glenn Beck squirms and attempts to use his "I don't want to create a sound bite" logic when he can't answer a simple question. He can't answer what he meant by "white culture" because one answer would make him look like a racist and the other would offend the chunk of his fans that actually are racists. Glenn Beck is the white version of Jerimiah Wright. Hating and demonizing everyone who disagrees with you is getting a tad old. The we're right and the other guy is the antichrist, end of the world crap, is not helping the conservative movement. It has been World War III or the End Times on Beck's shows for year. Throw in his lies and conspiracy theories and it's easy to see that real conservatives need to distance themselves from this loon. As is when Beck rants on something like the FEMA Death Camps for a week, and then spends a few minutes claiming that he "debunked" it. What a sleeze ball. He is ratings whore concerned about one thing, Glenn Beck.

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