Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fox News to pull plug on Glenn Beck

One can dream. It does, however, sound like it could be in the works.

Glenn Beck took to his radio airwaves Monday and offered a long, rambling monologue about the New York Times report that he and Fox News may be parting ways. Beck announced that he had “decided that the media and the American left have become nothing more than a shampoo label and should be disregarded as we disregard most shampoo labels... because they all say the same thing: lather, rinse, repeat. That's all they do.” But Beck went on to spend an awful lot of the next 14 minutes or so regarding that particular shampoo label - especially pointing out how it paled in comparison to his own insights, righteousness and grasp of world affairs. And yet, Beck affirmed the central part of the Times report – that he and Fox News may indeed separate. And then Beck melodramatically vowed that somewhere, somehow we'll all be together. You tell me if this doesn't sound like a man whose contract is not likely to be renewed.

At about 5 minutes into the video below, Beck admits, “Yes, my contract (at Fox News) is up at the end of the year. Contracts do that. Fox and I have had a great relationship and the current contract does come to an end in December. My admiration for the people that work at Fox and the people that have built Fox cannot be overstated...”


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