Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Guy Fawkes Day, Glenn Beck

Happy Guy Fawkes Day, Glenn Beck.

This is the anniversary of the day that Beck lost me, when he attacked Ron Paul supporters, the very people than have flocked to his 9/12 Movement, by comparing Ron Paul supporters to domestic terrorists. I don't accept Beck's "Ooops, I changed my mind, Ron Paul is great" story. Ratings changed his mind!

Beck also claimed he would never tie his movement to a terrorist attack like the Ron Paul money bomb fund raising effort that took place on Guy Fawkes Day.

It's a tad ironic that Beck did "tie his movement to a terrorist attack" with his 9/12 movement that milks 9/11 to the max.

Today, Bachman's rally in Washington didn't just happen to land on Guy Fawkes Day (Nov 5). So are they domestic terrorists today, Glenn?


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