Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Three Tactics Progressives (and Glenn Beck) Use to Discredit Their Opponents.

This is great, Glenn Beck exposing the tactics of progressives in today's edition of The One Thing, Three Tactics Progressives Use to Discredit Their Opponents.

Disparaging any dissent ...
  1. those involved are "wrong thinking"
  2. the ideas presented are a "danger"
  3. or that those opposed are simply in it for "profit."
I really don't disagree that progressives use these tactics, but everyone uses these tactics, including Beck himself (frequently). These 3 magic tactics just came to Glenn in a flash this week while contemplating the dirty tricks used against him lately.
The other day, we put up one of our "chalkboard trees" about Fox News and the White House attack on free speech. Just as an aside, I listed the three things they were saying about us to try to discredit the network. That's when it hit me: They're the same three things progressives use to discredit their opponents on every issue.
Hello, earth to Glenn Beck. This is what you do every single day. Anyone who disagrees with you is wrong thinking, dangerous, and/or in it for profit.

Glenn goes on to add this little nugget which also describes HIM to a tee.

Meanwhile, their goals are always right, their methods safe and healthy and their motivation pure, enlightened and for the betterment of humankind and Mother Earth.
Glenn goes on to give us some examples of progressives using these tactics then hits us with the closer.
So, the argument works every time. But now that it's exposed, will it continue to work or will logic now kick in?
Oooo, oooo, I want to be smart too Glenn. Thanks for letting me in on these super secret progressive mind f*&ks. I'll be on the look out for them now and I bet I find lots of them.

This is where Glenn gets to the most important issue: Glenn Beck himself. "I, I, I, me, me, me, yada, yada". The remainder of this lesson is devoted to how all of these tactics are used on him.

So, taking all of their arguments, one by one, and adding them all together, I guess it would be safe to assume that according to the inclusive, diverse progressives that I'm just a crazed, poor person-hating, flat-Earth believing, moon-walk denying, deficit-loving, homophobic, xenophobe, who is a homogenous, women-hating, racist, that loathes hard-working, blue-collar Americans.

Oh, did I mention I'm a warmongering, jingoistic fatso? That hates children? And puppies? And spits on trees? And shoots gerbils, just for sport?

And if I don't hate, I'm simply dangerous. A fearsome, mob-inciting, redneck, flesh-eating monstrous, rhetoric spewing, out-of-control religious zealot, bent on blowing something up, maybe even before the end of the show.

For good measure, I'm also in bed with huge multi-national conglomerates and special interest groups — like Goldman Sachs and unions. Wait, it's kind of tough to make that work if you've ever seen a single one of my shows, but let's not let logic get in the way of the White House's hysterical insults.

Now, which is more reasonable: That I'm all of these things or that I'm a person who takes things issue by issue?

Well, golly gee, Glenn. Are those my only two options? All or nothing? This is a typical Glenn Beck straw-man. It almost sounds like you're accusing anyone who disagrees with you of "wrong thinking".

Oddly, these are the exact tactics you used last year on Ron Paul before your come to Jesus conversion that corresponded to your move to your new network.
Turn on Glenn's show any day of the week to see him using these 3 tactics himself. Stop over and visit Glenn's The One Thing archive and pick one at random. You will see Glenn preaching on the wrong thinking of anyone who disagrees with him. You'll see Glenn describing how dangerous said foes are in great detail. Glenn doesn't use the profit tactic as often as the first two, but he does pull it out for special occasions like Obama winning a peace prize or Al Gore opening his mouth.

Of course, Glenn has his own bag of tricks. The When Did You Stop Beating Your Wife style of journalism is the old standby.

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